– How to send your bitcoins anonymously

A crypto mixing service such as helps you maintain your privacy online while sending your coin transactions. Using advanced mixing algorithms, the mixer makes it impossible to trace the transaction to you. This way, you protect your privacy and can be sure that your transactions stay anonymous.

The concept of

As you know, with the help of blockchain technology, you can trace the transaction from the beginning to the end, whether you want it or not. But not all people want their personal information to be publicly available and everyone interested in using blockchain technology could follow you and your actions.

bitcoin mixer

If you are one of those people who do not want to spread their personal information and want to keep confidentiality, then BestMixer will become your best friend in this situation.

BestMixer guarantees to all its users to keep your identity private. This is realized by the fact that BestMixer deletes the link between the addresses of the transaction, both old and new.

The funds from you will be sent to other users who also want to keep their personal information, and their funds will be sent to your address. In this case, the delays in time will increase and the transaction amounts will be random, which is exactly what will give you a guarantee of preserving your privacy, since the connection between the start address and the end will be lost.

Today it is very important to use this service is you want to stay anonymous online.